In the beginning there was on premise and hosted solutions. These days there are 3247 meanings for the term cloud, well give or take a few.

What are Cloud Computing Services?

The term cloud has been hijacked by marketers to mean just about every single type of managed IT service that is not in the building you are sitting in. Between you and me there is no cloud it’s just someone else’s computer.

cloud computing service in Bristol

cloud computing service in Bristol

Under the heading of cloud computing services are several other terms with distinct meanings for different types of service.

  • SaaS is the most well known. It stands for Software as a Service. Think Office 365 or FreeAgent when we talk of SaaS.
  • IaaS is the next most familiar which stands for Infrastructure as a Service. This is like purchasing VM’s from Microsoft Azure or a physical server from HeartInternet.
  • PaaS is less well known and means Platform as a Service. Once again Azure offers this. It allows businesses to concentrate on the actual development of the application and ignore the infrastructure its running on. Using this approach you would add a new web application in your portal manager instead of adding a new server and then installing an app.
  • DBaaS is the latest type of cloud service. It stands for Database as a Service. Instead of creating and managing a database server like SQL Server you can just create a single database object for your application and everything else is managed behind the scenes.

Cloud approach

As you can see there are many different types of cloud computing services but which one is right for you? This is a large topic which is changing rapidly. There is no right single type of cloud service for a company. Cloud services need to be looked at from a single project perspective. You might have a strategy to use only on premise solutions, cloud solutions or a hybrid approach but inside that strategy are the individual project requirements.

In the past most companies used ‘the cloud’ for their website and email hosting. These days it can be used for CRM, accounting, databases and thousands of new uses too. In order to choose the correct solution for your business we need to discuss the requirements and your objectives for the next few years.

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