Cloud Services

What Exactly is the Cloud?

The cloud is a marketing term that has gone wild over the last five years. It can be so confusing as it seems to cover everything from IaaS to PaaS. 

No matter if its private or public or even hybrid everything just seems to be called 'cloud'.

When you really break it down, when someone says its 'in the cloud' most of the time it just means its in someone else's computer (data centre). This makes it very difficult to actually work out what a service is because it covers so many things. Add to that you can build your own 'cloud' known as a private cloud (on site or hosted in a data centre) which ramps up the confusion to 11.

Here are some definitions of the cloud that we use:

Private Cloud

Dedicated Infrastructure hosted on site or in a data centre that only your business can use.

Public Cloud

Shared infrastructure which allows you to 'rent' some software services (see SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) on a monthly or annual basis.

Hybrid Cloud

A mixed environment made up of some public services and your own dedicated cloud infrastructure.


Infrastructure as a Service allows you to rent virtual machines which you can use to build your own services on top of.


Platform as a Service allows you to forget about the infrastructure and concentrate on the code. E.G. you pay for a web app instead of a web server.


Software as a Service is the most common and allows businesses to pay for software on a monthly basis like Office 365 or FreeAgent accounting software.

What do we Offer?

We have the skills and technology available to provision and integrate various cloud technologies in order to create solutions to your business challenges.

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