Our Approach

How we support you

We use several different technologies to monitor your systems and allow our engineers to remotely resolve your issues. 

Service desk

We use a fully integrated service desk which allows us to properly record, track and resolve your issues.

Our service desk is managed and staffed by fully qualified and experienced engineers. Everything from calls to emails get logged as a ticket giving us full visibility of what is happening in your business.

System Monitoring

We use an advanced monitoring system which monitors and automatically logs any system issues.

Fully integrated with our Service Desk software is our monitoring service. This actively monitors and logs tickets for any issues that arise often before your users even notice an issue. It also fixes many routine issues without our engineers getting involved. How cool is that?

Remote Assistance

By being able to remotely connect to your users machine we can reduced 'time to fix'.

When a user agrees to using a remote session it allows for a faster response and quicker resolve time. It also cuts out the need for an engineer to visit in person. 99% of issues can be fixed remotely getting your employees back to work increasing their productivity. 

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