Why do you need consultancy?


Sometimes there is just not enough resources available to complete a project by a certain deadline. People move jobs, are off sick and go on holidays leading to ever lengthening delivery dates. Some projects even require skills that you do not have on hand we bridge that gap.


Projects get re-prioritised all the time and if you are one of the unlucky ones then your project gets dropped a few places on the list leaving it to inevitably fall behind the original completion date.


Buy in can be hard to obtain in a business but it can be even harder to maintain. Delays caused by unforeseen technical incompatibilities often happen in IT projects. If time is not built in to compensate the project timeline and delivery date keep slipping until it gets cancelled.

Need extra resource for a project?

We can help your project get back on track.

How do we help?


Root cause analysis

We work with you to determine why the project has drifted off course. We look at the original spec of the project and what you are trying to achieve.

We will determine the cause of the delay. Is it due to technical incompatibilities or have you been sold something that will not do what they told you it would do.


Create new plan

Once the problem has been determined and we know what the aim of the project was we can create a new plan to achieve your project outcomes with a new delivery schedule. We will work with your existing team or we can take the project on ourselves.


Get to work

The project will be fully project managed including regular updates on project actions and deliverables. We will complete the project with your sign off on the final delivery. We will document what we have done including any possible issues or areas of maintenance that require ongoing monitoring. 

Why use our consultants?

01 No Agency Fees

Direct relationship with no middle men. We are not an agency so you immediately save up to 25% on any day rates by coming direct to us. 

02 Experienced and Qualified

All of our consultants are qualified and most important they are experienced in the technologies that we use and the methodology we implement.

03 Our Partnerships

We are backed up by multiple software and hardware partnerships giving us a direct relationship with the companies that already you use everyday.

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