SQL Database Management

Is this right for my business?


What size business needs a DBA?

In this day and age the most vital asset to a business is its data. Every business has CRM systems, finance systems, Line of Business (LoB) applications and so on, all of which store data vital to the smooth running and fast growth of a business. So very simply every business needs DBA skills to manage and protect their data but not every business needs a full time DBA. Trigger goes here


Are DBA's it expensive?

Speaking as a DBA with over a decades experience, yes we (DBA's)  are expensive, but not as expensive as trying to recover from a disaster without the correct skills or processes in place to do it.

Whilst DBA's spend most of the time doing the basics of backups and restores as well as performance monitoring and the never ending SQL migration projects, when your database is on fire you will need the skills of a DBA ready to leap into action, put out the fire and get the business back to work as soon as possible with minimal (if any) data loss. You can think of DBA's as an insurance policy that protects your most valued asset, jumping into action, running towards the fire when everyone else is running away.


Is SQL Database Management Expensive?

For an essential service with a highly specialised skill set the cost of DBAaaS is actually a bargain. You get the full set of highly sought after skills for as much as 80% less than hiring full time staff!

Most businesses only have a few databases which are usually managed by a non-DBA. They find the costs of a full time DBA far to high to justify for what could be a fairly low amount of work to actually complete. This is perfectly understandable but comes with a high amount of risk. Our service makes those skills available for a much easier to justify price whilst significantly reducing the risk to your business.

SQL Database Management also known as DBA as a Service (DBAaaS) provides the database skills your business depends on for a fraction of the cost of a single full time DBA (or DBA team).

So how much cheaper are we talking?

This all depends on how many instances of SQL server you have. How big those databases are. We are perfectly happy managing VLDB (Very Large DataBases), think Terabytes and Petabytes and the other factor is how many databases you have. 

When I was working for a large FTSE 250 company there were two DBA's managing up to 1500 databases across 50+ SQL instances. Our service scales just as well for even greater savings.

It does not matter to us if you have one database or a thousand, a single instance or an entire platform. You get the same great service for a fixed monthly price and most importantly the knowledge that your business data is in safe reliable hands.

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