Data Storage - foundation of your business



Your business produces vast amounts of data every day. You need to store it somewhere. The hardware choice is most likely either SAN or NAS. Knowing which to use when can save you a fortune and ensure your data is available at all times.


VMware and SUSE

You will never produce less data than you do today. Your data storage needs to be expandable and resilient. vSAN is a cheaper option than a hardware SAN or NAS allowing you to expand when required with built in redundancy for protecting your data.


Azure, AWS and GCP

Another option for data storage is the cloud. You get to pay for only what you use without having to manage hardware or a software installation. Its all in stored in the cloud so you only have to worry about monthly payments and provisioning of storage.

Spending on the wrong storage can cost a fortune!

Not knowing the difference between SAN, vSAN and NAS can cost your business a small fortune. There are many different types of storage technology and you need to use the right one for the right requirement. Do not get oversold on a technology that you do not need. We can help you decide on what you actually need and offer a choice to best suite your business.

Find out how we can help you extend the life of your current storage devices and save you from a costly mistake.

Virtualisation - Infrastructure as Code

Server - DCV

VMware - vSphere

The most recognised type of virtualisation is Server Virtualisation. You often hear about data centre virtualisation and this is where that starts. Physical hosts with virtual machines allowing cost and energy savings and very cool DR/BC.

Desktop - VDI

VMware - Horizon

An complement to server virtualisation allows you to visualise your desktop infrastructure. This simplifies patch management and helps keep your data in the data centre where it should be. Very popular with remote workers right now.

Network - NSX

VMware - NSX

Why buy physical networking hardware when you can virtualise your network stack? The world is moving towards an SD (Software Defined) model. No more replacing hardware just setup the software appliance and go. This is the future right now.

Virtualisation is about efficiency

Virtualisation allows you to consolidate costs and produce an agile environment that gives your business flexibility to change direction quickly. It allows you to increase your ROI on your hardware investment and allows you to maintain a tighter control through software management. It is the very foundation of the cloud and some of the most advanced software available.



Sophos EDR

James Bond's family moto is 'The World is Not Enough' and our Samurai Code is 'Anti-Virus is Not Enough'. Every device needs EDR and all of your devices need to communicate with each other to produce a security net to protect your business.


Sophos XG

Whilst a big firewall is no longer the requirement a smart one is. You need a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) to even begin to be able to defend from today's threats and exploits. Not only that Machine Learning is essential to keep up with the bad guys.

People & Process


Technology will only get you so far and save you from so many things. The biggest return can be found on training your employees to recognise threats and not to fall into bad actors traps. This should be on going and will be greatly appreciated.

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